Trentino has a reputation for the conspicuous production of wines of some of its valleys. It is a specialized form of agriculture, which found in St. Michael one of its main propulsive centres. This section is housed in the old cellars of the Institute for Agriculture, of which it has inherited some important mementos such as the collection of native and non-native vines (1930 ca.) and the fine barrelfronts, carved with the insigna of the first Directors of the Institute. The exhibition follows the order of seasonal works in the vineyard. Monumental plank-winepress, dated 1743, and smaller winepresses.

Wine-making and distillation
Tools and materials out of the cooper’s shop, with a collection of special croze markers. Old implements for wine making. Alembic for the distillation of wine dregs. Great moveable alembic La Spiritosa, from Riva del Garda (1905).

. vino-grappa